How orgvue helps you make the move to hybrid working with confidence

In this blueprint, we’ve outlined the main steps today’s organizations need to take to fully capture the opportunities hybrid working offers. We’ve shown how you can create an approach that works both for individual employees and your wider business strategy. But, of course, the real challenge comes in making it happen.

While there are many ways to plan and implement hybrid working, businesses often default to old-school spreadsheets and simple org charts. For many larger companies, this can make the entire process slow and cumbersome.

That’s where orgvue comes in.

The orgvue difference Our organizational design and planning platform enables you to quickly make connections between your business strategy, the specific work that needs to be done and the people who’ll need to do it.

It allows businesses the world over to streamline the entire process of designing their organizations to thrive in the modern world of work and adapt to changing circumstances. Hybrid working is just one example.

Put simply, orgvue will help you accelerate your move to hybrid working with clarity and confidence.

It delivers the insights you need to make more informed decisions, removing data inconsistencies between departments and locations with drag-and-drop simplicity. This means you can quickly compare like with like, no matter how many employees and locations you have.

Create deeper engagement With orgvue, you’ll be able to move away from hard-to-read spreadsheets and begin using intuitive visualizations that uncover the issues and challenges your organization faces. Visualizations that will help you communicate the changes you need to make across departments and reporting lines.

You’ll be able to view your organization through many different lenses, giving you a greater perspective on your business as a dynamic, interconnected system (not a static org chart). It means you can more easily align your strategic business goals with your people’s capabilities and the locations they use.

Planning your hybrid future with confidence No two businesses are the same. What’s right for one organization in a particular context may underperform for another.

So, with orgvue, you’ll be able to quickly plan across many what-if scenarios. You’ll be able to test your organizational design thinking using highly visual drag-and-drop tools. All before you commit to any single route forward. Once you do activate your hybrid working strategy, you’ll be able to easily monitor the effects of the changes you make. By using the platform’s intuitive dashboards, you’ll gain clarity on how the business, its departments and its people are performing against the plan.

What’s more, you’ll be able to do this on an ongoing basis, freeing you from traditionally slow planning cycles that are often out of date before they’re even published.

Ultimately, with orgvue, you can transform how you make decisions, model the future with confidence and plan how to turn your organizational designs for hybrid working into reality.

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